theshot_yougot: (resigned)
Leah Ross ([personal profile] theshot_yougot) wrote2008-12-06 06:20 pm

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Leah wanted her flat to be empty for a reason. Even now, after furnishing it herself  - with a lot of help from Sam and the Birds, she'll admit - it's very sparsely furnished with the absolute minimum of furniature. Even the main room, which is rapdily filling up with computers and one work bench for a variety of projects, is pin-prick organised in a way to make any obsessive compulsive proud.

She still has contact with Oracle, of course, and days spent alone except for the radio aren't the pain they used to be, not when she can lie back on her own hand-picked sofa, with Tschaikovsky playing at a low level.

It's still a little lonely, of course.

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