Aug. 9th, 2008

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Leah was Recurve for about two months in her early twenties. Her identity isn't exactly a secret, but she prefers to be subtle about it anyway. Her Trickshot outfit was royal blue: as Recurve she favours rich purple. There's a cape, of course, lightweight but lined, which hangs asymmetrically over her left shoulder, leaving her right arm completely free, and a small quiver available at the right shoulder. She doesn't carry many arrows: for all the look of the thing, the bow is not her primary weapon. That's why there's a small crossbow and a slingshot on her belt.

Her hood covers her face and hair (which is blonde, and bobbed short, btw) almost completely, and under the eye hole there's a fixed mask to hide any identification clues around the eyes. No high tech lenses, though: Leah doesn't trust technology much, so the only thing electrical on her person is a mic and earpiece built into the hood, and devices on her gloves that can monitor her finger movement. Sometimes team communication has to happen while quiet.

And just for the record? Right now she's completely sighted.


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