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Sam and Leah: SPN verse

It's all part of a plan. The first one she's ever made and followed through with any long term commitment. The plan in question: have a normal life. No ghosts, no demons, no illegal firearms under her pillow, nobody dying just when she's figured out she likes them.

Normal lives mean university degrees. Normal university life as far away from father and brother as possible. This year as far away as possible means half way around the world. Not just in America, but in California.

American college life is kind of brilliant, as it happens. Underage parties, road trips, and the opportunity to share a room with a really hot Amazonian premed student. A shame, really, that Jess is not just straight, but seeing someone.
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If college is work, Jessica Moore is a fulltime job. She's not even Sam's first girlfriend, but at six months, she's the most serious relationship he's ever had. She's brilliant, top of her classes, funny and sarcastic, and Sam would have to be dead not to have noticed how beautiful she is at first glance.

He has absolutely no idea what she's doing with him.

He is not about to point this out to her.

Her roommate is-- well. The nicest term Sam can think up is an acquired taste. Jess adores her, says she's brilliant and funny herself, but Leah's definitely lacking Jess's smile and laughter, her lighthearted teasing.

Sam's heard enough about his taste in beer from someone who drinks tea on a regular basis.

But just like Jess has to lecture him to be nice to Leah, he's heard her lecturing her roommate to be nice to her boyfriend, too. And if the scowls of a pretty blonde are the worst he has to deal with, college is still better than the life he came from.