Feb. 17th, 2009

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*headdesks* I don't even know why I'm doing this...

Ben Ross wasn't exactly a nice guy to start with, but after his murder he got considerably worse. First his murderer, then successive of his mother's boyfriends met grisly ends. Jacqui and her remaining daughter Leah were questioned a number of times in relation to the deaths that appeared to surround them, but with nothing remotely conclusive: it was just a horrid coincidence that drove Jacqui deeper into drink, blossoming psychoses and inexplicably into the arms of each successive man.

Young Leah didn't fold in on herself. Convinced this was Ben plaguing her family, she fought back. The library proved surprisingly fruitful in providing relevant information, and she took it upon herself to dig up his remains, salt and burn them. Then, threatened with being put into full time psychiatric care, she ran away. It was while she was living on the streets of Liverpool that she was found by the hunter William Creswick, who took her on as an apprentice and an adopted daughter.

Based in London, William and Leah became active hunters across the country, keeping in only nominative contact with hunters in other countries. The British hunter network is fiercely insular and family bonds rare; William has an on-off relationship with Sarah Gray, another hunter, which tends to be more off than on.

A few years after Leah joined William, they acquired another family member: Robin David, a young Mancunian man of North African extraction whom they rescued from a particularly nasty demon. Robin is haphophobic and untrusting of anyone outside of Leah and William, but fiercely loyal to them.

As Leah grew up, she became more indepedent and knocked heads more frequently with the boys, as often happens. In Early 2004, aged 18, she started heading off on jobs on her own, with only the tentative approval of William. Ten months after setting up on her own, Leah went off after a standard haunting, only to encounter the same demon who had plagued Robin. This one managed to destroy Leah's eyes before she banished it, and shed can only assume that it has since remained in Hell.

Since then, Leah returned to William's house, but hasn't been able to get rid of the urge to hunt. Now she's forced into a back seat, acting as researcher (thank god for scanners and screen readers) and planner for the hunts, relying on her phone, computer and quick brain to act as valuable back up.


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